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trivializing such a serious issue? [indistinct chatter] >> coming up, the wisconsin governor is debate. also, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke on the 2008 financial crisis and then nancy pelosi on tax cuts. >> saturday night, a dinner hosted by the log cabin republicans, an advocacy organization for gays and lesbians. speakers include several republican members of congress as well as grover norquist. that is saturday at 8:30 p.m. eastern here on c-span. >> i really underestimated how big the job was. i have been the republican minority whip. i had not even been the minority leader. i jumped from minority whip to speaker over night and from sort of a minority party that nobody thought would be in power to leading a wave of 9 million additional votes. it was the biggest increase in history. >> new gingrich on a possible 2012200012 presidential bid. this sunday on c-span 3 >> next, a wisconsin governor is debate against tom barrett and scott walker. both candidates are in a bid to replace jim doyle. the latest political report calls the race a tossup. this hourlong debate took place at wtm
. president obama is at the university of wisconsin in madison, looking to reignite the campus energy that played such an important role in his big 2008 win. it's part of an urgent, some democrats used the word desperate attempt to close the gap enjoyed by republicans this midterm year. the white house is trying to help disconnected voters. stop whining was the president's lecture yesterday. on the penn state campus today, don't write that obituary yet was the vp's new message. >> the reports of the death of the democratic party are premature. we're going to do just fine, folks. >> tonight's event, the prerally is already under way. we're told it will be a return to full campaign mode for the president. we'll take you to madison, live, once the president gets under way and break down his big and difficult challenge this year with the best political team on television. let's set the stage. our exclusive political duduo, james carville and mary matalin from new orleans. here in washington, joe johns and gloria borger. james carville, let me start with you and tell me upfront we could in
2008. last night he had a huge college rally in wisconsin, trying to target the voters who surged the polls but have been sitting this year out. and the big question is, can he recapture some of that 2008 magic? because this has been the tea party's year. >> it certainly has. >>> also this morning, strong charges coming from a man accusing that popular pastor in atlanta of sex abuse. we'll hear explosive charges from a 23-year-old who says bishop eddie long is a predator. that's the word he used. that is coming up in a moment. >>> we begin with the latest tropical weather brewing off of florida this morning. it's set to make a run up the east coast and could cause serious flooding. sam is tracking it for us at the weather board. >> good morning, george and robin. we'll talk a little about this storm. it is tropical depression 16. if you're looking for it to kind of perform like a big tropical storm, it's not. but it's going to drop a lot of heavy rain. take a look at floridians preparing for you had to sandbag yesterday. this storm was south of cuba yesterday and
in wisconsin this week. >> i was in wisconsin. gwen: what did you think? >> and the president was in wisconsin. the president has been in wisconsin quite a bit lately. he's been there three times in the last two months. wisconsin is a state that i think pretty recently people would not have thought was going to be a problem for the democrats. it's been, you know, closely fought in the past but president obama won it by 14 points in 2008. and russ feingold, the senator who is on the ballot this year, this is a state that has not sent anything but a democratic senator to washington since its first -- since it first sent feingold in 1992. but all of a sudden russ feingold finds himself in the race of his life. so this state that democrats thought was going to be their insurance policy is really turning into a bell weather of how bad it is going to be for them in november. and there are two other states that are also like that. washington state and california. again, these are democrats who barbara boxer and murray, who everybody thought would be their insurance and now they're in races that are t
is the wisconsin governor's race. joining us on the phone is patrick marley. let's talk about who these candidates are. >> the republican is the milwaukee county executive scott walker. the democrat is milwaukee mayor tom barrett. scott walker won a special election amid a big pension scandal. it was a big deal for republican -- for a to become county executive and he has been the executive ever since. the mayor was in state legislature and then congress. he ran for governor in 2002, lost the primary, and then became mayor in 2004. >> what will the issues be in tonight's debate? >> jobs. both candidates have put that front and center. they realize that is what the voters care about most. is this -- it is closely tied in with their tax policy. scott walker is a bowling tax cuts -- is vowing tax cuts. barrett says that plan is reckless when the state has a deficit. he wants to do something more targeted, creating -- rewarding businesses that create jobs with tax credits, in specifically at job creators. >> that debate is live tonight. patrick marley, as the white house been involved in this race? >>
vice president on labor day. obama spoke in milwaukee, wisconsin, where he proposed a $50 billion boost in federal spending to rebuild roads, railways, and runways. with the official unemployment rate near 10% in the un-- and the unofficial rate far higher, particularly among young people and communities of color, obama vowed that his new proposal would create new jobs immediately. >> today i am announcing a new plan for rebuilding and modernizing america's roads and rails and runways for the long term. i want america to have the best infrastructure in the world. we used to have the best infrastructure in the world. we can have it again. i believe this with every fiber of my being. america cannot have a strong, growing economy without a strong, growing middle class. and the chance for everybody no matter how humble their beginnings to join that middle class. >> in the midst of the speech, obama departed from a script to address house critics on capitol hill. >> that's been at the heart of what we've been doing over these past 20 months, building our commi on a new foundation so that our
crews fearing the total failure of a levee in wisconsin. it's located along the wisconsin river just south of portage. emergency officials told about 150 residents to get out yesterday. >> the water already filling up some homes. and this may be only the beginning. >> our rob marciano is in our extreme weather center tracking all of this for us this morning. so are they still in a situation where the waters are still rising now? >> no, the river at least at portage did crest last night. but it's going to remain above flood stage for quite some time. not only across wisconsin, but southern and central parts of minnesota. we've got all these rivers that are actually draining into the mississippi. and we're going to see some issues, i think, downstream from there, as well. so that's issue number one. issue number two is -- more immediate concerns, what's going on in portage. here's where the river crested. the record is is 20.5 feet. it crested just above that last night. and now it's at about 20.2 feet. we're at near record strange. major flood stage, but not expected to come back down
in portage, wisconsin. we understand there have been some evacuations that have been taking place. we've been reporting and jacqui has been showing and talking about the flooding what's taking place there and how many of the rivers have already crested. there might be more cresting to come, but meantime, the big concern is about this levee failure in portage, wisconsin. jacqui jeras from the severe weather center now. jacqui, what more do we know about exactly where this took place in portage? >> yeah, this is on the south side. this is near the blackhawk park area. they're asking people to evacuate immediately. they say that the dam here, this is the calladonia levee south of highway 33 is failing at this time. so emergency vehicles, police, fire are all trying to get in there. they say they're not going to be able to reach residents if they don't get out now. hopefully most of those people have already done that. here's the area we're talking about. i zoomed in very closely. this is highway 33 right along here. this is the wisconsin river. and my guess is right in this area is right where t
>>> >>> flood zone. rising waters threaten a wisconsin levee trapping residents who refuse to evacuate. >>> cross-roads, the israeli freeze on west bank construction expires threatening to derail the latest peace talks. >>> and close call. a delta pilot saves the day after a jetliner's landing gear fails. >> stay down. heads down. stay down. >> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, september 27th, 2010. good morning, everybody. good to see you on a monday. i'm terrell brown for betty nguyen. we begin this morning with flooding in the midwest a levee on the verge of collapse along the wisconsin river. the failing levee located about 36 miles north of madison. this morning the river is nearing record high levels. the high water has flooded access road to a park, cut off residents who decided to stay behind despite warnings to evacuate. >> where we're standing here is plenty high. we wouldn't be able to get in and out for days on end and we'd have to float in and out and i'm not ready to get my votes out yet. >> officials warned emergency vehicles would not be able to rea
at the university of wisconsin oshkosh. i have to say that dr. richards probably will not authorize this, but i am going to make a plug for the book he has written. i want to say he has written the book "convict criminology." another book called "behind bars." and "beyond bars." so check it out on amazon. we also have with us the policy co-director of the national employment law project. and eliza hirsch is the supervising attorney in the clean slate pride is at the east bay community law center. welcome, panelists. i want to tell the audience that while we are having this session, if you have questions, feel free to write them down, and the ushers will get them some you. at the end of the discussion, we will have a question and answer session. dr. richards, it is my understanding you have some personal experience in this area. i would ask you to share your experiences with us and tell us about the barriers that exist for people who have a criminal record. >> i'm a convicted felon. i'm an ex-con. and i'm a professor. i'm the leader of the convert criminology group. if you just go to google and goo
not have a vote of. take a look at these pictures of the midwest this is where the wisconsin governor has declared a state of emergency with the columbia county after the wisconsin river reached of record high level. the heavy rainfall asper filled the region as some is that many evacuees returned to the flood damaged home health officials are advising people to use boots and gloves will cleaning their home because of possible contamination. more evacuations are underway in southern wisconsin following a levee failure along a portion of the wisconsin river as much as 11 in. of rain in parts of the state. former president jimmy carter is defined after a health scare this morning he developed an upset stomach on a flight to cleveland and had to be rushed to the hospital once that flight landed. he is traveling to promote his new book. the former president plans to stick the hospital over night based on recommendations from the doctor. he will resume his book tour tomorrow in washington d.c.. as to the lower deck of side of the tuesday traffic on the golden gate bridge. traffic moving find i
: in milwaukee, wisconsin, president obama launched a week of events focussed on the economy, unveiling a six-year plan to revamp the nation transportation system. >> we are going to rebuild 150,000 miles of our roads, enough to circle the world six times. that is a lot of roads. we'll lay and maintain 4,000 miles of the railways. enough to stretch coast-to-coast. we're going to restore 150 miles of runways. >> reporter: the goal is not just infrastructure rebuilding, it's creating jobs the recovery lacks. though the president said it would create jobs immediately, aides can concede they won't be created before next year and maybe late in the year. labor secretary hilda solis says it will help those particularly hard hit by recession. >> welders, engineers and folks that have been unemployed for a long time. >> republicans called it another stimulus program. >> they are just flailing around. >> senator john mccain says extending the bush administration tax cuts is a better idea. >> let's get small tax breaks to small businesses and large and then maybe the american people will have some confi
to getting him elected back in '08. tomorrow he'll head to the university of wisconsin where he hopes to draw the same big crowds that were roaring when he was a candidate. look at this to see how the mood of the country changed. a new poll from gallup. just 19% of young adults said they are even paying attention to the midterms, compared to 75% who were focused on the 2008 presidential election. among older adults, just 42% are engaged compared to 87% a few years ago. sofia nelson is contributor to the "washington post" joanne reid is a political columnist for the miami editor. thank you both for joining us this afternoon. joanne, is the president starting this effort a little bit too late? we take a look at the calendar and we have a month until midterm. >> the numbers you put up before compare ad 2008 electorate to a 2010 electorate and 2008 electorate. midterm elections tend to be less geared towards young voters. president obama needs to get the nontraditional voters out. yorn necessarily if it's too latd. people weren't necessarily paying as much attention this summer. better late than
to evacuate, as rivers overflowed. >> two communities, one in mn and the other in wisconsin, were the hardest hit. here, now, is alex stone. >> reporter: a powerful storm soaked the upper midwest on thursday, swelling rivers and creeks. >> the water based flooding is continuing to raise. it's kazzing a lot of problems for us. >> reporter: the heavy rains forced mandatory evacuations in arcadia, wisconsin. police went door-to-door to urge the town's residents, about 1,500 to get out of harm's way. >> i feel sorry for the people of arcadia. but people are losing things. basements will be flooded. things likes that. it's terrible. >> reporter: raging rivers are threatening towns all over wisconsin and minnesota. flooding streets in basements, like jeff's in owatanna. >> got 2 1/2, maybe 3 feet of water right now. we're getting ready to pump it out. >> reporter: wisconsin's governor declared a state of emergency. and is ordering the national guard to help stricken homeowners. >> mother nature was not a very good thing today. >> reporter: more rain is expected, making the flooding worse. alex ston
rally at the university of wisconsin, hoping to once again captured the voter enthusiasm. the president's name is not on the ballot, but the party is on the line in congress. young people or less motivated this time. recent poll shows 55% of young people are certain to vote in november, compared with three- quarters of older voters. some students acknowledge it's not as an excitement like casting a ballot for the first time. president obama told young people they cannot sit vowel out. the dnc will pick up the tab for tonight's rally. the president's backyard conversation that is going to have in three states over the next couple days will be declared official presidential business. president obama's trip highlights how the political landscape has changed. in 2008 to record number of new voters turned out mostly for democrats in wisconsin. this year those races are much tighter. emily schmidt reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. >>> an audit found flaws with the boating equipment during the d.c. primary. there were differences between electronic --[no audio] there were di
happens to them later. for example, myself, i was a student at the university of wisconsin. i had no criminal record. i got arrested in a marijuana conspiracy case. no possession, no sale. i was threatened with 150 years. 150 years. i'm from madison, wisconsin, which is a town not unlike san francisco. they cannot put me on trial in madison in wisconsin, so they took me to the south of carolina, and they put me on trial in strom thurmond federal courthouse in charleston, south carolina. across the street was the confederate cemetery. from the courthouse, they flew two flags -- the u.s. flag and the confederate battle flag, which was the state flag of south carolina. from the court room, i could look out the window and seaport sumter in the distance -- see fort sumter. they put me on a case with no marijuana. they invented imaginary marijuana. they said i was charged with conspiring to contribute 10 tons of colombian marijuana. i pled not guilty. i had a jury trial. i was found guilty on one account, acquitted on nine. i had an appellate case and the supreme court case. i was then
declared in minnesota and wisconsin because of record flooding. some areas in southern minnesota have been hit with tender inches of rain. a few more inches could fall overnight. more than 1,000 people had to be evacuated in western wisconsin ahead of the floods. wisconsin governors sent the national guard to help out. >>> parts of central mechanic are bracing for the 13th named storm of the season. tropical storm matthew is whipping up 45-mile-an-hour winds in the caribbean sea. it will bring heavy rain and flooding to nicaragua and honduras. >>> now to the rest of the friday forecast. drying out in the flooded midwest. leftover showers across northern wisconsin and michigan. stretching into the ohio valley. showers and thunderstorms in little rock, new orleans, and much of texas. warming up out west. >> phoenix 100. sacramento 89. boise 81. upper 50s from fargo to the twin cities. 73 in chicago. it will be warmer in the east. 84 here in new york. 93 in baltimore. 89 in atlanta. >>> well, a south florida zoo is playing marsupial matchmaker. we could find out tonight if they have in fact m
in milwaukee, wisconsin, and on this labor day with the unemployment rate at 9.6 percent the president expected to speak about the nation's dire job situation and the overall economy. this is a live look at the stage just ahead of the president's speech. according to the white house the president will be calling for "major investments to repair our infrastructure," at $50 billion to begin with. here is how, reportedly, it breaks down. the proposal will include rebuilding 150,000 miles of roads in the united states, 4,000 lines of railway lines and 150 miles of new runways at the airports. the administration claims this plan will create thousands of jobs and kick start the nation's economy but republicans say they are still skeptical whether it would work and whether it can get passed before the november elections and now the latest. how do we expect the president to sell this proposal to the american people? >>reporter: it will be campaign-style folks looking for, perhaps, people who could be unhappy with the economy right now and frankly about everyone in the crowd, this labor intensive crowd,
of wisconsin. in this case, they are actually pleasant. the two candidates looking to the camera, making the pitch to why voters should vote for them. first the incumbent russ feingold. we testedab ad airing the most in wisconsin. the red line republicans republicans and the green line represents democrats. the higher the lines go, the more favorable the reaction. let's take a look. >> on fair trade agreement, letting wall street run wild. from day one, i voted against them because you warned me that cost family jobs. sadly, that's what happened. but we have to move forward. that's why together with wisconsin business leader, i passed parts of my initiative to put people back to work. poots why i proposed cutting taxes for all businesses who are committed to hiring more workers. i'm russ feingold and i support this message because we need to move forward. >> what's happening right now is that all of these canned daylights are speaking to camera, they are sounding pro business, you can't tell who is the republican -- >> he doesn't say. but everyone knows russ finegeld in wisconsin. >> but
in your home state of wisconsin. in this case they are pleasant. two candidates looking to the camera making the pitch for why voters should vote for them. let's start with the incumbent russ feingold. his numbers have not been good as of late. we tested one of the ads airing the most in wisconsin. red line represents republicans, green line democrats. the higher the lines the more favorable the reaction. let's take a look. >> fair trade agreements letting -- unfair trade agreements letting wall street run wild i voted them, you warned me they cost wisconsin jobs that's what happened. we've to move forward. together with wisconsin business leaders, i passed parts of my initiative put people back to work. why i proposed cutting taxes for all businesses committed to hiring more workers. i'm russ feingold and i support this message. we need to move forward together. >> what is happening right now is that all these candidates are speaking to camera they are all sounding pro business. you can't tell who is the republican and who is the democrat. >> greta: he doesn't say except everybody kn
, wisconsin! >> reporter: it felt like 2008 all over again. >> they said, no, you can't, but what did you say, wisconsin? >> yes, we can! >> reporter: with midterm elections just five weeks away president obama is on the campaign trail looking to energize democrats and sway undecided voters. at a rally at the university of wisconsin, he urged thousands of students to stay involved and inspired. the speech was beamed to 100 college campus destinationwide. >> we cannot sit this one out. we can't let this country fall backwards because the rest of us didn't care enough to fight. the stakes are too high for our country and for your future. >> reporter: with the tea party generating a big buzz this campaign season for the republicans and the political right, president obama knows it's time to fire up his party. in an interview in this week's "rolling stone" magazine, he lectured apathetic democrats of the idea that we've got a lack of enthusiasm in the democratic base, that people are sitting on their hands complaining, he said, is just irresponsible. the president will focus on the economic durin
in the midwest tonight. there is an immediate evacuation order in effect in central wisconsin where a levee failing. flooding across the upper midwest is so far driven hundreds out of the home. jeff rossen has the latest. jeff. >> right now the biggest problem as you mentioned is in wisconsin, a levee is giving way which could send water gushing into the city of portage, wisconsin. emergency officials are asking everyone in the area to evacuation worried that neighborhoods will entirely flood out. once the levee breaks they won't reach people in high level areas. this is along the map alon the wisconsin river. this is after days of pounding rain that plagued the midwest. in northfield, minnesota a river overflowed and flooded many streets. the water came in so fast and got so high it submerged a local high school football field. nearby towns dozens of homes were damaged and roads were closed there as well. this weekend the governor of minnesota declared a state of emergency in 35 counties. at this hour we learned that the rivers is receding and the floodwaters are receding and many are goin
, this is washington your way. next, a speech from president obama in milwaukee, wisconsin. he spoke at the annual community festival. the event is organized by the milwaukee area labor council of the afl-cio. the president's remarks are about 40 minutes. >> hello, willkie. hello, of milwaukee. thank you. it is good to be back in milwaukee. it is good to be back. i am almost come. [applause] i just hop onto 94 and i am home. [applause] i will take it all the way to the south side. it is good to to be here on such a beautiful day. happy labor day, everybody. [applause] i want to say thank-you to the milwaukee area labor council and all of my brothers and sisters in the afl-cio for inviting me to spend this day with you. [applause] a day that belongs to the working men and women of america. i want to acknowledge your outstanding national president, a man who knows that a strong economy needs a strong labor movement, rich sumka. [applause] thank-you to the president of the wisconsin afl-cio, dave newbie. -lso the secretar treasurer. [applause] happy birthday, sheila. i am proud to be here with our se
in parts of minnesota and wisconsin, where severe flooding has forced hundreds from their homes. since yesterday, a powerful storm has dumped more than ten inches of rain on some towns. more rain is on the way. linsey davis reports from or arcadia, wisconsin. >> reporter: long time residents of spring street in arcadia, wisconsin, say they've never seen it this bad. >> i'm scared to death. >> reporter: and this kind of visit from the sheriff's department was also a first. >> if you like to stay, you're on your own. >> no, you guys told me to go -- i'm going. >> reporter: several rivers are still rising. the sight of growing floodwaters evoked more tears. >> don't know if when we come back everything will be still here. just moved here five months ago. >> reporter: yesterday, in several parts of wisconsin and minnesota, more than a month's worth of rain fell in less than pipestone, minnesota, residents relied on the best front line of defense they know -- sandbags. the water was so strong, it managed to wash away part of this bridge. the worst of the flooding spanned three states, minne
and minnesota and wisconsin have issued states of emergency. -- the governors in minnesota and wisconsin have issued states of emergency. in arcadia, wisconsin, attend -- waters continue to rise. >> you see the severe flooding and roads washed out. >> yesterday more than a month's worth of rain fell in less than 24 hours and parts of the region for some flood waters as high as 3 feet. no major rain is in the forecast for today but more is expected tomorrow. >>> rain is something we actually need around here. it has been awhile since we saw enough of that. will that change this weekend? adam caskey is in the weather center with a first forecast. >>> there are changes in the overall winner patti and late this weekend and in the early part of next week. those changes could potentially translate into heavy rain showers which would be beneficial. we will talk about that coming up. look at the bright sunshine. there are hardly any clouds out there. it is a little hazy because of the new timidity out there. it feels like summer. chevy chase is 91 degrees. officially at reagan national airport, it is
emergencies and evacuations in wisconsin and minnesota. this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, september 24th, 2010. good morning, everyone. good to see you. i'm terrell brown in for betty nguyen this morning. >>> a u.s. astronaut and two russian cosmonauts will try again today to return to earth, in orbit more than six months aboard the international space station. ground controllers have to figure out what went wrong yesterday. clamps holding the space capsule to the station failed to open. cbs news space consultant bill harwood was at the kennedy space center as this drama unfolded. >> reporter: this was a very unusual problem, unprecedented glitch the normally reliable docking mechanism on the space station, a russian mechanism with hooks and latches designed to release on command to let the craft free to come back to earth. they tried to do that and were unable to get the system to respond. the hooks and latches simply didn't open. they spent about three hours trying to trouble shoot the problem. an astronaut inside the space station looked at the mechanism from the station side and
of possible flooding ins, especially up there in minnesota and wisconsin. that's where this morning we're watching these thunderstorms south of rochester and eventually they'll work there way intthe green bay area. so the forecast for today, warm in the southeast, so watch out for those storms from kansas city up into wisconsin. that's a look at your thursday forecast. now here is a look at the wlr outside your window. sunshine and hot conditions. look at memphis, tennessee. what a summer you've had. now it continues even into fall. 98 degrees this afternoon. oklahoma city, 84. phoenix, 95. we'll talk about fday later i the show. >>> building up bonds and who is tops when it comes to the richest americans? your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> joaquin phoenix was a whole new man last night with david letterman. >>> one of the best double plays you'll ever see, you're watching "early today." >> good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm amara sohn. here are so of your top headlines this morning. >>> abbott labtory sess recalling as many as 5 million con
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,165 (some duplicates have been removed)